Xendo is Entering a New Era as AppWise!


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Written by Julian Gay on Dec 16, 2016

Rich previews for Dropbox

Multi-tasking has huge and tangible costs.   Studies show multitaskers:

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Written by on Aug 16, 2016

Searching with Slack Slash Commands

Slack recently opened up their App Directory with the goal of making 'Slack even better', expanding Slack's existing capabilities with integrations to all the other applications you need to get your work done.   We're very excited to be included, enabling users to Search everything, in one shot using a Slash Command.  You can get setup in a couple of clicks using Slack's 'Add to Slack' button at https://xen.do/slack:

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Written by on Jan 05, 2016

Xendo on the go

It's one of our most popular requests... "when is your mobile app coming out?".   While I can't share the details right now, stay tuned for exciting stuff in 2016.

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Written by on Dec 17, 2015

Universal Search in Slack

We're really pleased to announce a deeper integration with Slack via their recently announced 'Add to Slack' button.   In addition to providing deep-text search on messages and files, our new integration enables you to search across all your content directly within Slack.   Start at Search in Slack and click 'Add to Slack'.

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Written by on Dec 09, 2015

Alfred + Xendo = Search from your desktop

We've been asked many times about providing a more integrated 'Spotlight for the Cloud' experience and while we have something special in the works, there are great productivity tools like Alfred, the Productivity App for Mac OS X already in wide use, so we wanted to share a quick tutorial on setting-up Alfred to work with Xendo so you can quickly find any of your cloud-based emails, documents or presentations with the full power of Xendo, directly from yor desktop.

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Written by on Dec 07, 2015

Xendo's Search API in Beta

The Xendo team is excited to announce that we're opening up our API to developers to enable the creation of search-based enterprise applications.

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Written by on Nov 23, 2015